50 Cent Is Popping A Bottle Of The World's Most Expensive Champagne On New Year's Eve

During the recent Instagram battle between 50 Cent and Rick Ross, both rappers attempted to insult one another by flashing symbols of their luxurious wealth.

Here’s a quick recap if you missed the volley: 50 clowned Rick Ross with several posts including one showing a t-shirt silkscreened with the Florida rapper’s famous titties.


Rick Ross sent a picture back boasting that he owned 40 cars and that 50’s son could take care of them, as well as mow the 200 acres, around his mansion in Georgia.
Nestled in between the disses of Rick Ross (and now Vivica Fox) are pictures of 50 showing off a bottle of champagne he is saving for New Year’s Eve.
“After the Show is the after party, but I’m not opening this until a special occasion. (Gout de diamants). I’m gonna open this bottle of champagne. To celebrate my Angels life,Beulah Jackson on New Year’s Eve.”
Well, 50’s right to save his Gout de Diamants for a special occasion, because it is the most expensive champagne in the world.
Gout de Diamants, which translates to “taste of Diamonds,” was created by a businessman named Shammi Shinh.
Shinh created the brand as a direct competitor to Armand De Brignac, the company that produces the luxury champagne brand Ace of Spades.
In 2013, Gout de Diamants teamed with U.K. designer Alexander Amosu to create the limited edition bottle.
The one 50 Cent has is worth $1.8 million. The bottle’s logo is carved from 18-carat solid gold. And inside the bottle is a flawless, 19-carat white diamond.
50 might want to consider holding it, however.
Gout de Diamants was sold to a competitor in early 2015 and is no longer in production. Shinh has been busy since the sale too. He’s created the JULIET Immaculate Vodka and Maurice Vendôme, “the champagne most consumed by royalty.”
But here’s the biggest question.
Will we see 50 Cent in the world’s most expensive suit, which Alexandar Amosu also created?