Fighting Bankruptcy Is Costing 50 Cent A Pretty Penny – Check Out The Invoices

Photo Credit: Drai’s Nightclub/Patrick Gray/Kabik Photo Group

Being 50 Cent is not cheap.

Fif is in bankruptcy court, attempting to shield his assets from $21 million in judgments. The rapper lost a $7 million lawsuit to Lastonis Leviston, Rick Ross’s baby mama, and another over his Sleek Audio headphone company.
Having to pay off a $28.5 million judgment is a huge task, but as you will see below, fighting the judgements is costing 50 Cent a pretty penny as well.
Accountants for the bankruptcy law firm Zeisler & Zeisler are overseeing some of the financial aspects of 50’s bankruptcy. The firm recently submitted their invoices to the court in regards to the ongoing case.
50 Cent is shelling out almost of $71,000 each quarter, just to protect the rest of his business empire, which includes a record label, a vodka line, and several significant investments. His lawyers recently filed a motion in Connecticut bankruptcy court to have information like this, and other documents barred from public view.
50, who is an investor in Facebook’s competitor Tsu, believes that the sensitive data in his contracts could give his competitors an unfair advantage if they are exposed.
Check out some of 50 Cent’s legal expenses below: