Raury Cries On Stage and That's Why Fans Love Him

Atlanta rapper Raury is on the road promoting his second album All We Need and he’s winning new fans in each market.

The 19-year-old rapper is taking advantage of the exposure from recent his first national television appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” which happened to come the same night Donald Trump was a guest.
Raury made headlines around the world in late September when he sported a Mexico jersey with Trump’s name crossed out on his back.
Just about a month later, Raury launched his “Crystal Express” tour from The Foundry at The Fillmore Philadelphia, where he displayed his raw emotions with followers while he was on stage.
During a set that featured songs from All We Need like “Revolution” “Devil’s Whisper” and “Trap Tears,” the rapper eventually became overcome with emotion. His song “Peace Prevail” touched a nerve with him on the opening night of the “Crystal Express” tour.
“He burst out crying and paused to sob into his elbow,” reported The Triangle of Drexel University. “The audience was stunned at first, but then began to cheer him on, and he finished the song before bounding off stage.”
And it is this type of honesty that’s been earning Raury heaps of praise from his fans and critics alike.
Raury also got personal during a sold out performance last week at the Schine Underground as part of Syracuse University’s Bandersnatch Concert Series.
“Raury believes in what he’s doing and singing about, and for me, that’s the most valuable trait in an artist,” wrote Brett Weiser-Schlesinger of The Daily Orange in a review of the concert. “Raury conveys an energy you don’t see in popular music too often, and his kind of honesty and openness is something to be cherished.”
If you want to catch a glimpse of the rising rapper yourself, Raury is currently touring the Midwest and the West Coast for the rest of November.

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