Great Sex Can Be On Tap For Everyone "24/7" With Teledildonics and Robots

“She always had a player back like them field lights/And every time I left it ain’t feel right/Cheated on her and she stayed, that’s just real life/Cause it’s hard when you ain’t on the same coast/Burning bread in the club so all these girls want toast” – Big Sean’s verse on “All The Lady” By Game


Kiiroo’s encrypted delivery system for its Teledildonic vibrators

There’s a new technology on the market that could help solve many relationship issues with respect to sex and distance.

An adult website called Flirt4Free has enabled a service the operates with products made by Kiiroo, which the company has dubbed “a product for long distance relationships.”
Kiiroo is a Dutch company that manufactures the wireless, interactive “Onyx” male masturbator and “Pearl” female vibrator.
“Our revolutionary online communication system enables you and a partner to do more than just see and hear each other,” according to reps for Kiiroo. “It allows you to feel each other’s touch, from anywhere in the world. Connect to anyone, anytime using Kiiroo’s tasteful and discreet ‘teledildonic’ devices, and take your sex life to new heights.”
Wow, the age of teledildonics is upon us.
What exactly are they? To put it simply, they are computer-controlled touch sensitive sex devices. When you move your partner feels it in real-time.

The "Pearl" Teledildonic VIbrator

Kiiroo’s “Pearl” teledildonic vibrator

“Can it help a long distance relationship? Potentially,” said writer John Biggs, who used the Onyx and reviewed it for Tech Crunch. “Does it add a clever twist to the standard webcam model? Absolutely. The system, no matter how sterile or robotic, can mimic intimacy through a mediated platform, and it’s pretty fun,” Biggs wrote in the review.
Mixing teledildonics with the emerging virtual reality industry could prove to be a powerful combination that will usher in a new sexual revolution.
According to “Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships” by artificial intelligence expert David Levy, it’s an emerging industry that will drastically change the way future generations have sex. In the book, Levy argues that by 2050 “great sex on tap for everyone, 24/7” thanks to robots and that humans will be able to marry the machines legally as early as 2050.
David Levy also believes a legalized human/sex robot industry would disrupt and possibly put an end to prostitution. And there’s a real academic discussion taking place around teledildonics and sex robots.
There’s also a campaign led by academics Kathleen Richardson, and Erik Billing claims sex robots will enforce and reproduce existing inequalities among humans.


Kiiroo’s “Onxy” teledildonic vibrator

“The arguments that sex robots will provide artificial sexual substitutes and reduce the purchase of sex by buyers is not borne out by evidence,” said Kathleen Richardson in a study written for De Montfort University in Leicester, UK.
“There are numerous sexual artificial substitutes already available, RealDolls, vibrators, blow-up dolls, etc., If an artificial substitute reduced the need to buy sex, there would be a reduction in prostitution, but no such correlation is found,” Richardson said.
It’s so controversial, the Second International Conference on Love and Sex with Robots was banned from its host country of Malaysia and postponed until 2016. Either way the laws pan out, the teledildonic technology is in the loose and cannot be contained.

Now you have a choice. Screw your relationship, or screw your technology.

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