Freddie Gibbs Stays True To Form On "Shadow of a Doubt"

Teron AndersonBy: Teron Anderson
Mass Communications, University of Florida

Gangsta Gibbs  stays true to his moniker on his latest release Shadow of A Doubt, which is a well curated compilation of street tales accompanied by heavy trap bangers with a pinch of gritty soulfulness and just a little love.

This project is quite cohesive from beginning to end accompanied by exceptional production from the likes of producers such as Boi-1da and Kaytranada.

Freddie Gibbs Shadow of A Doubt
Freddie Gibbs cover art for Shadow of a Doubt

Opening up the album is “Rearview,” a track with great production from Blain Norf that includes a very airy vocal sample accompanied by heavy roaring bass and introspective lyrics from the East Gary representative as Gibbs spits on the track:

Yeah, lifestyles of the insane, bang
Cost a little extra tryna be a real nigga
I thought a record contract would get the rent paid
Freddie Kane world tour fuck your deal, nigga

On “Fuckin Up The Count,” Gibbs make sure it’s known that he’s ballin and about his paper on this street track, which also has a gripping video vividly depicts the ills of the street life.
Hit machine Boi-1da provides the soundscape for this track as Freddie Gibbs displays his penchant for ill flows over melodic, jazzy instrumentation, hard-hitting drums and very appealing ambient sounds.
“10 Times” is one of the standout feature tracks of the album and sounds like it could be a potential single. This track features Gucci Mane and a nice verse from E-40 as they rap about their rather seedy sexual exploits. “Basketball Wives,” follows a similar theme as Gibbs croons with the assistance of auto-tune about his promiscuous lifestyle over smooth and soulful production of Bentley Haze.
On “ Insecurities,” Freddie Gibbs displays a sense of vulnerability that is quite refreshing:

“Insecure about my looks, wasn’t popping with the bitches/robbing stores for diamond jewels I thought I needed attention/ Why was I starving for attention?”

On this track, Gibbs delves deep into his inner most feelings over smooth production from Kaytranada, who is widely known for his work with up and coming MC Goldlink. A personal fav on the album for me is “Freddie Gordy” with its smooth bass-heavy backdrop and Gibbs classic hard-edged street tales.
Overall, the project is very solid from front to back and is a nice addition to Gibbs discography, which is littered with quality projects released on a consistent basis. Maybe this is the piece of work to remove all doubt that Gibbs is here to stay and that he is firmly planted in the upper echelon when it comes to gangsta rap.
Check out the Shadow of A Doubt below: