Followers Await The 7th Coming Of Yeezus: What Will He Deliver With "SWISH"

Kanye West is many things.

He is a pop icon, a fashion mogul, a potential Presidential candidate and one of the most creative minds of our generation.
However, first and foremost, Kanye West is a dope rapper.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

[N]ovember 24 marked the fifth anniversary of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which is also Kanye’s fifth album.
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy reaffirmed Kanye’s status as a great producer and the master of sampling,” wrote Chris Meads of Southampton University’s National Student. “The album features a varied and impressive, eclectic list of samples from the 1960’s to the 21st century.”
MBDTF was the album that marked a turning point in Kanye West’s sound, thanks to a new approach to his production style not seen in his previous four albums

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy marked the transition from Old Kanye into New Kanye: the celebrity with a god complex, the rapper-turned-fashionista and the man who announced aspirations to run for the presidency in 2020.” – Kun Yong (Sean) Lee of UCLA’s Daily Bruin.

Kanye updated his sound again with his sixth album Yeezus, which produced tracks like “Black Skinhead” “Bound 2” and “Blood on the Leaves.” The album took a more minimalistic, synthesizer-led approach to in regards to the production.
While there isn’t much to go on, his fans around campuses are expecting Kanye to deliver a knockout with his upcoming seventh album, reportedly titled SWISH, to help them through the rest of the school year.
“The countless tests, papers and homework assignments on crack — all are last-minute feats of strength designed to tickle our academic resilience. We’re burned out, but we’re fighting to hold on. In these trying times, we need squirrel-ized, soulful Chaka Khan samples with brilliant, mordant lyrics on top. We need robot cacophony. We need a little Kanyeezy time,” said Melina Glusac, Daily Arts Writer for The Michigan Daily.

Kanyeezy teased everyone by previewing a track reportedly titled “Fade” during New York Fashion Week in September. The track reportedly utilized a sample from “I’m Losing You” by Motown group The Undisputed Truth, leaving many to wonder what direction Kanye will take his listeners next.
The following month in October, Kanye released a new version of “Say You Will” from 808s & Heartbreak and a remix of the Weeknd’s “Tell Your Friends.”
There’s no release date for SWISH, but it could drop at any moment. His fans are growing impatient.
“In either case, West fans can celebrate two more morsels of the man’s sonic genius. Even in a remake and a two-minute sample, Kanye shows his captivating ingenuity and inspires more anticipation than ever for whatever it is he does next,” said Trevor Levin, a contributing writer for The Harvard Crimson.