"Ballin" and "Stuntin" Could Cost Young Jeezy At Least $75k

Young Jeezy’s version of “I Ball, I Stunt”

Young Jeezy and his lawyers have been busy the past three months – fighting lawsuits.

In the past quarter alone (October, November and December), Jeezy has been sued for by an upcoming rapper, as well as gospel legend T.D. Jakes.
Well, the rapper can add another allegation of theft to the growing of list of complaints filed against him.
Earlier this week, a Chicago rapper named Edaz Redden hit Young Jeezy with a lawsuit over the rappers single “I Ball, I Stunt.”
Redden claims he wrote the song in 2007 and made a demo version of the song. He emailed the track to a man named Kyle Smith in 2010, who frequently collaborated with CTE artist Scrilla, born Kenneth Campbell. In May 2011, Edaz Redden claims he was shocked to hear a similar version of his track on Young Jeezy’s YouTube page and on mixtapes, with Jeezy and Scrilla.
According to exhibits attached in the lawsuit, Edaz Redden waited until 2013 to formally register a copyright for his song, which could pose a problem for his case.
Nevertheless, Redden is seeking at least $75,000 in damages from Young Jeezy
In October, Jeezy was sued by a Wisconsin rapper named Big Chris who claimed the Atlanta rapper swiped his song “Me OK.”
Jeezy is also tangled in a lawsuit with T.D. Jakes over a sample of Jake’s voice at the beginning of his “Holy Ghost Remix.”
Hit the link to download or view the full Young Jeezy lawsuit over the song “I Ball, I Stunt.”