CES Was Booming. Here's What You Need To Know, From An Expert

By Jesse Kirshbaum
Founder, Nue Agency

I was at my first CES last week and was blown away by how much action was out there.

Basically, it broke down into three main parts: meetings, parties, and the exhibition.

Each one was booming.

Article By:  Jesse Kirshbaum – Founder, Nue Agency

The key themes were the Internet of Things (IOT), the evolution of 3D printing, Oculus VR (virtual reality) and Snapchat.
It feels like 2016 is going to be Snapchat’s year and I am loving the energy on the platform. I’ve been having a lot of fun with Snapchat (@JesseKay3000) while trying to drop some DJ Khaled-esq keys as well.
The hot parties included Fetty Wap performing at the Google Chrome Content Happy Hour, T.I. bodying the Pandora party, Chris Breezy rocking the iHeart event and AraabMuzik doing his thing at the Spotify/Twitter late night party.
Lady Gaga serenaded the MediaLink party crowd of suits and Monster Product’s show was an epic montage of stars and hits including Rick Ross, The Jacksons, and Ne-Yo.

Reflecting on the experience

There is still no question that the hot topics trending during CES included virtual reality, wearable technology, and integration of apps that go deeper into users lives.
Although virtual reality has been displayed before at CES, this year was the first Facebook’s Oculus Rift will be hit the mainstream market and boy did it impress. The possibilities for marketers, brands, artists, and other industries to utilize this technology are limitless.
The scalability of this technology was confirmed more so, as this past week the Universal Music Group and iHeartRadio announced the very first Virtual Reality concert series, with Facebook’s Oculus Rift technology leading the bridge for the partnership.
Samsung unveiled their next generation Smart Fridges too which are unbelievable.
The world is getting so much more connected by the minute.

Wearable technology continued to dominate the scene

From Under Armor’s tech-driven smart shoe, Swarovski’s smart tech jewelry line to Fossil’s smart watch; consumer brands are all shifting to this integration of technology.
With deeper connections of products to technology, apps like Snapchat, Spotify and Facebook are looking at ways to better integrate into users changing habits and lives.

The INAIL Printer is about to revolutionize
the ladies’ pretty fingertips

And more for the ladies, it was the first time I saw 3D printing for your fingernails with a brand called INAIL Printer.
My friend @TatWza called it.
We will see this in high-end salons very soon and across the entire market in the next two to five years since the technology is getting even better with smaller devices. Imagine any person being able to go to any salon that does nails and get any and every design you could dream up.
In an instant: custom nails, real or tips.
Ladies think: no more mistakes, no more smudging, anything you want, from classy to ratchet pictures in your camera roll, right to your fingertips.
The more integration of apps and consumer goods that occurs throughout 2016 and beyond will mean deeper and more meaningful data for brands, advertisers, and marketers to use. Target marketing will become even more essential as this data is pooled together to change the way brands and consumers interact across the board.

However, when Oculus drops in July, the whole game is going to change.

I am excited for all of the possibilities.

Can you feel 2016 in the air!?!

CES really set the tone for the year.

For more than a decade, Jesse Kirshbaum has been in the trenches of the music business, specializing in securing talent for concerts, tours, and endorsement deals for his various clients and brand partners internationally.
He founded Nue Agency, a creative music agency recently named to the Inc. 500 as the third fastest-growing media company in America. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @JesseKay