A Look At Curren$y's "The Owners Manual" EP

Teron AndersonBy: Teron Anderson
Mass Communications, University of Florida

The Hot Spitta takes workaholic to new heights as he releases “The Owners Manual,” EP just a month after his highly anticipated project Canal Street Confidential.
This buttery smooth EP was executive produced by Cool and Dre and completed by Jet Life don Curren$y himself all within the course of one day.
The theme of the project is classic Spitta as it stays true to the motto of “race cars and weed jars.” Although it will not be touted as a standout in the audio dope slingers discography, it should serve to please the fanatics until the next full-length project is 0n the horizon.
“Sorry For The Wraith” is the standout track on this short six-song EP.  On “Sorry for the Wraith” Currensy flexes a lil bit about just how thorough he is when it comes to this car business.

Sweatsuit, $300,000 coupe/Bitch guess who, same one brung them low riders through/Old school, every now and then cop something new/Slap some folks across they face, that’s what you gotta do

This track is a play on words from Lil Wayne’s “Sorry 4 The Wait” and an “apology” to those who may feel some type of way about his success.
The production on this track sets a great soundscape to vibe to as well.

“Forecast” is a great change of pace production wise with its gritty vibe, and Spitta seems a bit more motivated lyrically as well. He basks in the glory of his recent mainstream success with the track “Bottom of The Bottle” off his project Canal St. Confidential.
Caught that niggas mad, oops my bad/Reached in the bag, spent a few racks/Look at that, Canal St. Confidential put him on the map/Getting to where the real ones felt he should have been at

Overall this is not top-notch Spitta but a solid project to vibe to nonetheless. You can check out the entirety of this project below.