Jidenna Proves He's More Than A Classic Man With This Track

After hearing Jidenna’s hit single “Classic Man” over and over for the past year, this video came as a pleasant surprise. Jidenna is more than just a singer; he actually can spit some bars too!


But are fans ready for this side of Jidenna, who is signed to Janelle Monae’s Wondaland Records? While this new single “Long Live The Chief” isn’t doing nearly as well as “Classic Man,” it proves that Jidenna is a lot more than just the latest singer utilizing autotune and with a catchy hook.
While his other single “Knickers” seems like a cheap follow up, his other track “Long Live The Chief” makes a statement about Jidenna’s authenticity with his choice of lyrics and production.

Cockroaches and the rat shit/Hand me downs with the patches/Mama put a little money in the mattress/Taught me how to make a silver spoon out of plastic/You can either sink, swim or be the captain/Get the last word Ima get the last laugh in/Now they say “Jidenna why you dressing so classic?”/I don’t want my best dressed day in a casket

Jidenna’s upcoming album should be an interesting mix of pop, R&B and some authentic Hip-Hop too.