The Internet Is Going Nuts Over Kanye's Butt

The Internet has been going in on Kanye West since his feud with Wiz Khalifa broke out on social media yesterday.

All Kanye did was tweet out the name of his new album Waves, but it was enough to piss off Wiz Khalifa, who dissed Yeezy and his new project, claiming the title lacked originality.

There must have been some anger festering on Wiz’ part for starting the argument out of the blue, especially since he and Kanye both have the same ex-lover in Amber Rose.
At first Kanye thought it was a good idea to diss Wiz and Amber’s son Sebastian, but that proved to be a bad, bad idea. It seemed like the spat could have been good promotion for his album, but that was before Amber Rose sent a legendary tweet claiming Kanye like fingers in his butthole during sex.
What could’ve been and still might be an epic rap beef quickly devolved into a slew of memes all directed at Kanye.
It’s gone so crazy, you just have to take a look for yourself.
Instead of talking anything about Kanye’s album, all of the Internet is doing is making funny memes about Kanye and what his sexual preferences may or may not be in the bedroom thanks to the #fingersinthebootyassbitch that has been trending for the past 24 hours now.