Internet Legend Kim Dotcom Shows Off Rapping Ability And His New Money founder Kim Dotcom may be in international legal trouble, but that hasn’t stopped the Internet legend from balling out.

Kim Dotcom filed bankruptcy in March of 2014, since his assets were frozen as part of a raid on

Kim Dotcom’s straight stuntin’ in his new video

His personal wealth was almost $200 million when they were seized, over accusations of’s massive copyright infringement and money laundering. You would never be able to recognize that the 42-year-old Internet entrepreneur was “broke” in his new video “Good Life.”
The “Good Life” video stars Kim Dotcom parading his massive luxury car connection, his mansion and his dope yacht. Kim’s verses aren’t that bad on the song from a technical stand point, even though the whole thing is him bragging about all of his loot.
Maybe all of that new wealth displayed in the video is from old footage, or its the spoils of his new website, which reportedly has 15 million registered users. While Kim Dotcom claims he has no ownership in, the company is worth almost $200 million and he readily admits the shares are controlled by his family.
As for now, Kim Dotcom is in New Zealand battling extradition to the United States to face charges that he cost the entertainment business over $500 million dollars through Megaupload’s facilitation of piracy.