Screw Race, Hollywood and The Real World. Megadeth And Blair Underwood Unite In Virtual Reality

While the debate about race in Hollywood is raging thanks to the Oscars whiteness again this year, two unlikely collaborators are doing something about it.

In what seems to be an unlikely pairing, veteran actor/director Blair Underwood is teaming with hard-core rock band Megadeth to push the limits of film, using virtual reality.

Megadeaths new album Dystopia
Check out Megadeth’s new Dystopia album in Virtual Reality, thanks to Blair Underwood

The advancements in virtual reality over the past few years has opened up new possibilities for filmmakers, as well as musicians.
Megadeth will explore that new world with Next Galaxy Corp., a leading developer of virtual reality technology.
A new fully, immersive version of their new album Dystopia will feature five songs that will be turned into a VR experience directed by Blair Underwood, who once played Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons.
The VR versions of “Fatal Illusion,” “Dystopia,” The Threat Is Real,” “Poisonous Shadows,” and “Post American World” will be featured on Next Galaxy’s upcoming CEEK VR platform.
If you have any one of the major VR headsets, then you’ll be able to dive into the world Megadeth created on CEEK. And CEEK is aiming to be a bit more to VR industry. The platform lets users experience concerts, sporting events and more, all in virtual reality.
CEEK will launch on January 22 with Megadeth’s Dystopia album, which features 11 new songs from the famous Thrash Rock group.
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