Netflix's CEO Is Betting Millions On Minority Students…Get Some of the Cash!

The next time your parents are on your ass for binge watching Netflix, at least you can tell them that their money and your time isn’t totally being wasted.

That is because the billionaire founder of Netflix, Reed Hastings, just dumped a cool million on the United Negro College Fund and the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley.

The organizations will receive gifts totaling $1.5 million to ensure that “students of color receive a world-class college education.”

Reed Hastings
Thank Reed Hastings…the guy just gave $1 million to UNCF…

“My friend and ally Reed and I agree strongly that all students – despite race or economic background – deserve access to a high-quality education. I’m proud to work with him to make this a reality for more students.” UNCF President and CEO Dr. Michael L. Lomax

The donation comes through Reed Hasting’s Hastings Fund, a $100 million war chest of cash that gives out grants to educate minority students. UNCF snagged their portion thanks to Dr. Lomax’s wheeling and dealing.
Both of the men are on the board of various educational nonprofits.
Dr. Lomax and Reed Hastings have worked together for over a decade to increase the opportunities available to minorities utilizing their influence, financial experience, and high-level connections.
To learn more about the United Negro College Fund, the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley or the Hastings Fund, click here.