These Are The States To Find Casual Sex and Virgins

Dating site OKCupid recently released some statistics detailing various aspects of their users sexual behavior, and the data could be a windfall for your research into how to cure your sexual frustration.

Over 200,000 of OKCupid’s users replied to various questions about their kinky habits.
However, the most important information the survey revealed were two key findings: what states had the most people looking for casual sex and what state had the most virgins.

Casual Sex

OKCupid Users Looking for Casual Sex

As far as casual sex, your best bet to get laid is in Oregon, where 15.1% of respondents said that was all they were looking for. If you strike out in Oregon, then you can just travel to Washington or Vermont, where 14.06 and 13.87 respectively, were looking get a quickie.

1. Oregon
2. Washington
3. Vermont
4. Idaho
5. Alaska

The Most Virgins

OKCupid Virgins

If you are looking for a lover that is a straight virgin, then your best bet would be to head on over to Utah, according to OKCupid’s user base. According to the data, 19.78% of the users of the site are “untapped.” Other states that had the freshest tail include South Dakota, Idaho and Iowa.

1. Utah
2. South Dakota
3. Idaho
4. Iowa
5. Arkansas

Masturbation on the “rise”

OKCupid Masturbation Habits

On a side note, it is interesting to learn that masturbation was on the rise in 2015. Over half of their users – 58% – admitted to masturbating a few times a week. That is up 18% from 2014.

According to OkCupid, it’s because more people work from home.

“It’s also safe to say that as more companies allow working from home, masturbation rates will rise to hand-numbing levels,” OKCupid noted in a recent blog post about the numbers.