Lesbians Win, But Step-Moms and Black Teens Gain: How The World Fapped To Porn In 2015

Photo credit: Pornhub.com Insights

The world sure is horny according to data.

Pornhub.com just released data about its viewers habits while fapping to porn. The X-rated site had a total of 21.2 billion visits last year.

The site streamed a massive 75GB of data a second. To put that in perspective, it would take 175 million 16GB iPhones to store it all. The U.S. is by far the horniest place in the world since the country accounts for 41% of Pornhub.com’s traffic. The United Kingdom was #2, while India popped up to #3, dominating over Canada, which shriveled to #4.

Pornhub Year In Review -Lesbians

The lesbians won in 2015, according to Pornhub’s statistics.

The word “lesbian” was the most-searched term on the site last year. It is an interesting find, considering the article we published about females being attracted to both sexes, last month. Not surprisingly, “teens” was the second-most searched, while U.S males have a thing for their step-moms, which was the #3 term. The terms “black” shot up 16 notches this year.

Porn Hub Giantess

Another fetish has come to light thanks to searches for “giantess.”

That is the term to search if you are into large women having sex with small guys. The term “man eating pussy” saw huge gains, thanks to Pornhub’s growing viewership of women. Other hot terms included “squirting orgasm,” “black teen,” “real public sex” and “big booty white girls.”

Porn Hub Top Porn Stars

In the U.S. and the United Kingdom, the top three stars people searched for included Kim Kardashian, Mia Khalifa and the veteran, Lisa Ann.

The three women pretty much dominated the world’s search too. Kim’s video with Ray J. has also become the most-watched video in the history of Pornhub.com, but in India, Mia Khalifa and Lisa Ann show up, but Kim is bumped off the chart by Sunny Leone.

Pornhub Traffic

In Russia and Romania, they are into the cartoon thing.

One of the fastest growing terms searched for from Russians was “My Little Pony,” while the Romanians were looking for “Scooby Doo” porn. On the tech side of things, users are watching more porn from their smartphones now more than ever. Over 52% of Pornhub’s traffic came from mobile while desktop clocked in at 36%.
Tablet users rounded out the numbers with 10.8% of the XXX site’s traffic. Ethiopia, Iran and Turkey saw the biggest gains by fapping with their mobile devices last year, with the iPhone, Android and Microsoft operating systems showing the most usage globally.

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