Rico Richie's New Single "Too Lit" Proves He Has Potential

Atlanta rapper Rico Richie is back with his latest single “Too Lit” and from the looks of things, he may just have another big single on his hands.

You will recall Rico Richie as the artist who created the original version of the latest club anthem “Poppin” and helped popularize the phrase “If you aint got no haters you aint poppin.”

Rico Richie

[B]efore he was a rap artist, Rico Richie was a standout player on the University of Georgia Tech football team. His career as a cornerback was derailed when he was busted with 94 pounds of marijuana while he was a player on the team.
After Rico Richie graduated from Georgia Tech, he almost made it to the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But when he was busted again for weed in 2006, his football career was done.
However, his rap career was just starting. Fast forward into 2016 and it is an entirely different story.
Although Rico Richie’s dreams of being in the NFL have been dashed, his goal of becoming a rapper is certainly becoming a reality, thanks to his hit single “Poppin,” which was remixed by big artists like Chris Brown, Meek Mill and French Montana.
Just as his hit single “Poppin” was bubbling up last year, Rico Richie found himself in trouble once again, when he was arrested in a studio for allegedly having two guns and 11 pounds of weed. It resulted in major press for the rapper, which was probably helpful for the single.
But lets hope he can get focused and push his career in the music business too, cause his new single “Too Lit” is surely going to have the clubs rocking for the rest of the year. Producer Squat provided Rico Richie with a bangin’ beat, with a hook everyone is going to remember.