Snoop Bets Money You're Going To Love The GameOn App

In between dropping hit songs, Snoop Dogg has been a purveyor of technology for the past 20 years.

Before he was at the helm of his groundbreaking WestFest TV Network on YouTube, which boasts almost 1,500,000 subscribers, Snoop was digging into the tech world.

Who can forget the release of his 2009 GPS system with TomTom as the voice of their navigation system, Or when he blew up an armored truck with Zynga to promote their MafiaWars game. It broke UStream’s record for the most watched single event in 2010.
More recently, the rapper has upped his engagement with the tech community. In 2015, Snoop launched Casa Verde Capital, which is a fund to develop and acquire companies in the tech space.
Snoop recently dropped with some of the loot, with the goal of being the 21st-century source for all things marijuana. And if you watch GGN, you already know how much of a sports enthusiast/expert Snoop Dogg is.
That’s why he had no problem dropping in investment on GameOn, which is an app for iOS/Android devices.

The app, which launched five months ago, allows users to connect with each other and discuss everything sports. And, it doesn’t hurt that it already has 100,000 subscribers.
“Fans from all over the world can join me and talk about their favorite teams, best plays, and of course a bunch of trash talk,” Snoop Dogg told
Check out some screenshots or download it from the Apple App/Google Play Stores.