DJ Khaled's Success On Snapchat Is No Fluke, It's Great Marketing


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DJ Khaled’s phenomenal success with Snapchat has landed him the cover of Adweek.

The article, titled “DJ Khaled On Fire,” takes a deep look at the strategy the Miami producer/DJ/pitchman has employed to reach and influence his 16,000,000+ social media followers.

Khaled was on the air and talking to the people en masse long before his 2006 debut album Listennn…the Album.
He honed his amped up delivery style starting in 2003 on air on “The Takeover” show, with co-host K-Foxx, at Miami’s 99 Jamz Hip-Hop radio station.
Since the release of his debut album, Khaled’s voice has been inescapable.
His “We The Best” catchphrase can be heard on of dozens of popular Hip-Hop singles.
So what exactly is DJ Khaled doing right with his Snapchat?
Here are three things you may not have known about how the producer is strategically driving the surge in viewers to his social media profiles.

“From the start, DJ Khaled has been consistent on his platform and in his vernacular, so much so that it’s transcended culture to the point that other brands are trying to jump on board.” Tom Buontempo, President of KBS to Adweek

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DJ Khaled is relatable and real

One of the strongest points of Khaled’s Snaps is that they offer a glimpse into his actual life. Even though he’s world famous, Khaled is still just a regular guy who eats, shaves and earns a living. His existence just happens to involve flying on private jets, hitting exclusive parties and staying in luxury hotels. However, through all of this, Khaled doesn’t talk down to his viewers. He has crafted an “us vs. them” mentality through his witty posts, that are rife with spelling errors. But in Khaled’s case, the errors add to the humor of his posts, without taking anything away from his messages. Sometimes it almost seems as if the blatant errors are made on purpose at this point.

DJ Khaled is consistent

Another strong point of Khaled is his consistency. His followers can expect many Snaps daily, and the content is very engaging. As the Adweek article points out, each day Khaled eats breakfast with his chef, has a celebrity drop in or doles out some inspirational advice to keep his viewers motivated.

DJ Khaled is great at branding

While some of the products in Khaled’s Snaps are product placement, he does an excellent job in not over doing it. He carefully weaves in the products he uses and shouts them out at no cost. For instance, Khaled has a deal with Apple (We The Best Radio), and the brand is featured in various segments. But so are Listerine, Ciroc, and other items Khaled uses. It all adds up to conspicuous marketing vehicle for Khaled while lending real credibility to the brands he decides to endorse.
It is working for Khaled too.
DJ Khaled recently signed a deal with United Talent Agency (UTA) and showed the agency his power, when fans mobbed his meeting after he Snapped the address.