GZA Dropped Science On Students At Massachusetts Biggest Community College

Wu-Tang Clan rapper GZA recently dropped in at Bunker Hill Community College and kicked some science with the students.

Wu-Tang’s co-founder hosted a program called “Dark Matter: An Afternoon of Science and Stories with GZA.”

While GZA is not a scientist, he is very enthusiastic about the field of study. His forthcoming album Dark Matter will showcase his understanding of the cosmos and the universe, coupled with his world-renowned rap skills.
Dark Matter is the beginning of a series of albums from GZA that will examine several aspects of science, including marine biology. He has even been engaging with cosmologists from MIT and Cornell University to affirm the correctness of the content of Dark Matter.
Sonically, GZA’s upcoming album is scored by composer Marco Vitali and is reported to feature an entire orchestra.
Legendary musician Vangelis, whose music is featured in Carl Sagan’s original “Cosmos” documentary series, is also contributing to GZA’s album, to ensure its “sound” reflects his scientific raps on Dark Matter.

GZA chatting with students about DNA models they were constructing.
GZA chatting with students about DNA models they were constructing.

GZA’s “Science Genius” is just as different as Dark Matter is shaping up to be.

The program was started in collaboration with Dr. Chris Emdin of Columbia University’s Teachers College. As part of the program, GZA visits high schools, and students battle each other with science raps.
During GZA’s time with the students at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, the rap star explained how science can benefit individuals seeking to attain optimal personal growth. GZA also told his story of growing up in New York, and he rapped several scientific theories to the students.

“You can use the scientific method to approach any challenge. You try something, you experiment, and you draw a conclusion.” – GZA

GZA also checked out a biotechnology class taught by Dr. Belinda Kadambi and conversed with the students about DNA models they were constructing.
The students received GZA enthusiastically, asked him questions and posed for pictures and autographs.
He was even treated to a hearty meal by Culinary Arts majors at Bunker Hill Community College, which is the largest community college in the state of Massachusetts.