Kevin Durant Explains New Photography Career

NBA star Kevin Durant took advantage of the NFL’s Super Bowl 50, to launch a new career.
Many people watching the game noticed 6’9 Oklahoma City Thunder star on the sideline taking shots for The Players Tribune, along with other professional photographers.

“I may be just starting out, but I also like to think that at my height, I might have some different angles than other photographers. After all, you’ve gotta play up your strengths.” – Kevin Durant

According to Durant, he was only going to cover the first quarter and return to his seat to watch the game. But then he realized the magnitude of the assignment he had for The Players Tribune, with the opportunity to shoot Super Bowl 50.
“I started to see how you build a story with your photos throughout the game,” Kevin Durant said. “I stayed on the field the whole first half. Right when I was about to call it a night…Beyonce came on stage.”
As a superstar athlete himself, Kevin Durant is used to the high-pressure games and huge crowds of the NBA. But even he admitted he had never seen anything like Super Bowl 50.
“I’ve been in some big games in my career, in big arenas that were loud and packed. I’ve played on national TV,” Kevin Durant said. “That all felt small compared to this night. Once I got to Levi’s Stadium, it was just different. This was a global event. I’ve never seen anything like it-there’s just nothing that compares to the Super Bowl.”