Tuition Too High? Become A Sugar Baby And Earn Some Cash

Paying for college and the costs associated with obtaining a degree can be quite expensive.

There’s a website conceived by for guys and (mostly) girls who are looking for an unconventional way to make some money to pay for those four years.

Sugar Baby University is a website aimed at finding sugar daddies and sugar mamas who are looking to provide some financial aid for companionship.

Sugar Baby Infographic
Students are using Sugar Baby U to make some money

If you think this is some weird new website trying to exploit students, you might want to think again. has been around since 2006, while Sugar Baby University has been active since 2015 and already has over 1 million students signed up to be Sugar Babies.

“We are in a state of emergency, but it isn’t due to the terrorism. The $1.2 trillion College debt crisis is crippling our economy — and no one is doing anything about it. Instead of earning a living and making milestones purchases post graduation, many are stuck sending their paychecks straight to Sallie Mae.” – Brandon Wade – Founder of

The money seems to be good, according to students who have used the website. It is not uncommon for women to earn up to $3000 extra per month using Sugar Baby University.
So if you are tired of those long hours at the register at Starbucks, or sick of using your grant money for food, Sugar Baby University might be a shortcut to some quick cash.