Getting A Tattoo Is No Big Deal In U.S.

Kid Ink Photo Credit: Courtesy Estevan Oriol/ RCA Records

Getting a tattoo is not a big deal nowadays.

Take a quick glance around you, the more likely than not, you’ll spot someone with tatts on some places, including the hands, arms, legs, and even the face isn’t off limits anymore.

If you’ve seen more and more people with ink, it’s because getting tattoos has become much more commonplace.
A new survey by Harris Poll asked 2,225 American adults questions about their tattoo habits. The responses unveiled some fascinating data about getting tattoos over the past few years.
For example, over three in ten Americans (29%) have at minimum one tattoo, up from approximately two in ten (21%) only four years ago.
And why quit at one? According to the data, after the first tattoo the numbers skyrocket. Seven in ten (69%) have two tattoos or more. If you are from the country (35%) or the city (33%), then you are more likely to have a tattoo than those kids from the suburbs (25%).

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