Should Future Be Considered A Lyricist?

It is easy to believe Future is just a highed up trap rapper when you hear to songs like “Xanny Family’ and “Back On E,” amongst others.

But is there anything more under the auto-tune and catchy hooks?

Some may oppose the opinion that Future is a genuine lyricist. Chelsea Walker of The Daily Athenaeum is not one of them.

In an article for The Daily Athenaeum, Walker made the case that Future is truly a pretty deep lyricist, once some of the layers are peeled off of his music.

She was especially dazzled with Future’s lyrical adroitness on his mixtape “Purple Reign.”
“Beyond the surface of an average rapper façade, however, is the artist’s raw story. Showcasing his unlimited ability to steer-away from one-dimensional tracks, ‘Purple Reign’ is undoubtedly a record that mimics Future’s stance in the industry.” Chelsea Walker, The Daily Athenaeum

Walker thinks Future has evolved as an entertainer thanks to his high-profile relationship and subsequent breakup with Ciara, and his unrestricted life as a rap star.
“Overall, the tracks featured on the recent release prove the Atlanta rapper has more to show than auto-tuned vocals and drug dense ballads,” she said.