Does Kanye Suffer From "Attachment Anxiety" ?

You may or may not be a fan of Kanye West, but one thing is for certain: his Twitter account is active, and usually highly entertaining.

It’s incredible that such a public person would take to Twitter to announce being $53 million in debt.

It definitely takes heart to be so honest, or vicious, as in his latest spat on the social media service, this time with EDM producer Deadmau5. You know you’ve wondered the same thing: just what the hell does Kanye West think about before or as he spazzes on Twitter?
It turns out researchers at Ohio State School of Communications were wondering the same thing about Yeezus, so they decided to analyze his Tweets to get a better understanding of the rap star’s personality.

Researchers Jesse Fox and Rachel Neo found that Kanye West may suffer from attachment anxiety in addition to being a classic narcissist.
His narcissism can be explained away in almost any Tweet, since he believes he is the greatest living artist. But his recent feud with his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, may have revealed that Kanye indeed suffers from attachment anxiety.

“There’s something rooted in our infancy that can make us very clingy in relationships and very possessive or obsessed with our exes.” – Ohio State School of Communications Assistant Professor, Jesse Fox to The Lantern

It’s much more common than you think. Thanks to the 24/7 presence of profiles on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, it’s easier than ever to stalk an ex.
Attachment anxiety helps to explain why so many famous people still fight with their exes online. Who cares if millions of people watch you troll you ex, as long as some type of relationship is maintained…even if it’s through beefing.
As far as his narcissism, both Fox and fellow researcher Rachel Neo said Kanye had high self-esteem, low humility and a need to appear to be influential to his fans and followers.