What We Think About: Smoke DZA "He Has Risen"

By: Teron Anderson
Mass Communications, University of Florida

Harlemite rapper Smoke DZA links up once again with one of his most regular collaborators in producer Harry Fraud for his latest project, “He Has Risen.”

This project is classic Smoke DZA spitting his cleverly crafted rhymes and flows over jazzy, airy production. The release is perfect for a fat J while plotting on your next move to take the world by storm.

This release is low on features as it only has one feature from fellow linguist and delivery craftsman Snoop Dogg.
Also, “He Has Risen” is produced almost entirely by Harry Fraud with the exception of the track “Its Real,” which was thankfully given a helping hand from fellow sound smith The Alchemist.
The consistency of features and theme of production throughout “He Has Risen” allows for a cohesive project that flows from track to track very well, an attribute that is unfortunately not so common in many projects these days.

Badabing’s Theme

On the opening track “Badabing’s Theme,” DZA drops some of his witty humor.

“Call of Duty kills like I’m Kim Dotcom/ gotta separate the dealers from users that shit is foolish/Talk tough, but when you see him, Confucius, that just confuse us/Oh, ah you just playing the game/Silly me for being real, cause we don’t play it the same”

“Heard Dat”

The following track “Heard Dat” features a very infections saxophone melody, interwoven with a soulful Rhodes piano, and DZA doesn’t fail to deliver.


The lone guest on the album is Snoop Dogg, who appears on the track “Morals.” This song is a cut that speaks on the declining ethics and values of those that partake in the activity of the criminal underworld. The lack of discipline and respect for the code of the streets is brought to light by Snoop as he spits his smooth flows and delivery frowning upon those that snitch while being involved with the street life.

“Its Real”

“Its Real” features The Alchemist on production along with Harry Fraud as DZA shows love to the better half of his life, over trance-like winding synths and a subtle but effective drum pattern.

“Morningside Sunset”

Finally, closing up the album is “Morningside Sunset,” a track that serves as DZA’s victory lap as he reflects and enjoys his success over smooth instrumentation.
All in all, this project is not a classic by any means, but it is another solid effort from the Kushed God, and his fellow blunted music producer La Musica De Harry Fraud.
Standout Tracks: “Heard Dat”, “Morals”, “Morningside Sunset”
Overall Rating: 7/10