Vince Staples Gets Intimate With Fans At Ohio State University

Vince Staples held court during an intimate concert at the A&R Music Bar in Columbus, Ohio, where he performed songs from his double album Summertime ’06.

The rapper impressed fans at the Ohio State University, during a performance last week.

According to The Daily Lantern, the Long Beach, California native’s show was on point. Even when Vince was forced to take a puff from his inhaler due to the smoke of the crowd irritating his asthma, he soldiered on.
However, what impressed writer Zak Kolesar the most about Vince Staples was his demeanor, attitude and wisdom, even though he is just 22-years-old.

“Staples is still only the age of many Ohio State seniors, yet when he addressed Columbus on Wednesday he displayed wisdom far beyond his years.” Zak Kolesar – The Daily Lantern.

“The horrific events that he experienced firsthand would make most people desensitized to the world,” Kolesar reasoned. “Instead, Staples made it his mission with Summertime ‘06 to shed light on the truth and debunk the rumors of gang life.”
Check out the full review of the show here and watch a clip from the A&R Music Bar below: