Struggling Artists, Don't Struggle! Move to West Philly!

If you are a struggling new artist and looking for a break, you might want to check out the city of Philadelphia.

A ground breaking ceremony took place last week to officially launch construction on 20 units of affordable housing designed specifically for artists and musicians, as part of a new $7.2 million project.

The new building is being erected in West Philadelphia on Haverford Avenue, by PZS Architects.
Struggling artists who live below certain thresholds of the area’s median income can qualify for one, two or three bedroom units.
Some units even come equipped with space for studios.
The affordable housing is being spearheaded by The People’s Emergency Center, which is a leading organization and re-vitalizing communities.
The housing unit of the organization has already built over 200 apartments for homeless people, women and children in need, and low-income residents.

“This project grew out of the interest from the community. People in the community were afraid that they were going to be pushed out by medical facilities or by universities,” Kathleen Desmond, president of PEC to The Daily Pennsylvanian.

“Also, this part of Philadelphia has a very rich history of art and music, and people in the community did not want to lose that rich cultural history,” Desmond added.
PEC expects the living quarters to be put to good use beyond just housing struggling artists in the area.
The building will come with a community room for exhibitions,as well as free art classes which will be offered to the public for free.