Happy Earth Day…Your Internet Surfing Is Ruining The Environment

Earth Day is upon us.

And as you view this article on your phone or computer, you are helping to ruin the environment.

And, just having our website up for you to even read these pieces damages our ecosystem. Sorry.
Most of us never think twice when we whip out a mobile phone to post a Snap or fire up the desktop to skim YouPorn seeking out that filthy little fetish.
But simply using these devices has severe repercussions on the environment around us.
Believe it or not, Johnnie Walker whiskey has coupled with Carbon Analytics to build a plugin for your computer, that reveals just how much your surfing effects the environment.
The plugin enables you to go into “Earth Mode” and after four weeks it will expose just how much your surfing habits influence the environment.

This Guy Holding a Phone

Studies have shown that the average internet user consumes about 130 kgs of carbon a year – the equivalent to driving almost 460 miles in a car.
Michael Thornton, Chief Executive of Carbon Analytics, which assists businesses in managing their environmental impact, has worked with Johnnie Walker on the development of Earth Mode
“Each time that you use a website or search the internet it requires a lot of energy to provide the data. Cumulatively across the world, this creates a large carbon footprint..” Michael Thornton – Chief Executive of Carbon Analytics.
You could plant four trees if you felt guilty enough and wanted to counteract the disastrous consequences our surfing is truly having on the environment.
Since that presumably won’t happen, Johnnie Walker has teamed with the Carbon Project to plant 75,000 new trees in areas around the world that need rehabilitation.
Johnnie Walker is controlled by Diageo, the same business that co-owns Sean “Diddy” Combs’ hit liquor brand, Ciroc.
Globally, Diageo has over 35,000 employees. They have managed to reduce their own carbon emissions and energy consumption by 33% over the past eight years.
So recognize as you’re taking your selfies on Earth Day that our consumption is cumulatively hurting the environment.
And if you are going to get blitzed this Earth Day, at least drink some Johnnie Walker or Ciroc and have a little peace of mind that you did something helpful for the planet.