Halloween weekend creates risky mix of booze and boos

Halloween has a reputation as one of the most alcohol-fueled days of the year, and issues aren’t limited to just October 31.

New data from 500,000 DUI offenders monitored 24/7 for drinking estimates that this year alcohol violations on the Saturday before Halloween will be 4½ times higher than a typical weekend.
Drinking violations on the holiday itself are also expected to jump 19 percent compared to average.
Compiled by Denver-based Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS), the data looked at behavior patterns for high-risk, repeat drunk-driving defendants who were monitored for drinking with transdermal ankle bracelets.
Because the testing protocol is automated and takes place every 30 minutes, 24/7, it allows social researchers to examine trends in the behaviors of alcohol offenders.
Halloween is no longer just for Trick-or-Treaters.
The last decade has seen a spike in the number of adults who are mixing booze with their boos.
“The people we monitor have been court-ordered not to drink, know they’ll get caught, and know there will be consequences, including jail time. So you can imagine the rate of drinking for those who aren’t being monitored,” says Kathleen Brown, AMS spokesperson.
Alcohol and driving safety tips for Halloween
Plan ahead! Don’t wait until you start drinking to figure out how you’re getting home.
Add contact information for local cab or car services into your phone or keep it handy. Many companies even offer special fares during Halloween, so check ahead.
Download and pre-populate your information for ride-sharing apps to make it easy to hail a ride at the end of the evening. Even with surge pricing, your ride will be thousands of dollars cheaper than a DUI.
Identify a designated driver for the evening and STICK WITH IT. If plans change, have a back-up, such as one of the options above.
Halloween poses extra hazards even for sober drivers. Slow down, watch out for trick-or-treaters, and give pedestrians the right-of-way.