How Bartenders Decide if They Should Card You

Take a look at these veteran bartenders and a variety of clubbers, who might wander into any drinking establishment on any given night.

Sometimes it is annoying when a bartender questions your age and asks for identification. But the penalties are severe for those bartenders who serve someone who’s not 21.
In some states it’s a fine for distributing alcohol to minors, however, in other states, you could actually face jail time for the same mistake.
The people slinging booze behind the bars rely mostly on tips and to pay their bills, so their livelihood is literally on the line every time you order a drink.
This video shows that no matter the situation, it is a good bet for bartenders to card people who look under 30.
Look how easy it is to mistake a younger person for an older one.
So, the next time you’re out at the bar and the bartender asks you for ID, just remember he’s trying to protect his career and stay out of prison.
Or get a better fake lol.