Man Says Carroll University Is Blaring Hip-Hop Music And It’s Driving Him Nuts

Apparently, the students at Carroll University in Wisconsin really have a love for Hip-Hop music.
A man who lives near the stadium in Waukesha, called the police on the stadium last week complaining that blasting hip-hop music so loud, he couldn’t even walk into his own house.
The man, who told police he did not allow hip-hop music to be played in his home, pretty much claimed he was being tortured every time he walked outside of his house and had to hear the music bellowing from Carroll’s football stadium.
According to reports, the man accepted the fact that loud music will be played during Carroll University’s football games at the stadium.
But the unidentified man could not take the fact that hip-hop was blaring all times of the day from the stadium, during football camp and practice.
Fortunately for Carroll University, there was no Hip-Hop music being played when the police arrived to answer the complaint.
Carroll University has yet to reply to the Hip-Hop hater’s accusations.