College Professor Who Was Once A Bankrobber Shows Students How To Do It Right

A college professor is using his sketchy background as a bank robber and his amazing turnaround to give aspiring law students a hardcore take on the American justice system.

Shon Hopwood grew up on a small cattle farm in a quiet town in Nebraska. But Shon and his boys became well-known for raising hell around the town after he dropped out of college.
According to a lengthy profile featured in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Shon made a terrible decision in 1997, which would take him on an unimaginable journey.
Shon decided to rob a bank for about $50,000 and decided the money was good, so he hit four more financial institutions before he was caught and sentenced to 13 years in prison.
His life changed again when he was incarcerated, as he started studying law. The federal prison sharpened his legal skills at the prison library and practiced using other inmates cases.
Shon eventually earned his law degree in prison and this July, he will start as a professor at Georgetown University Law Center.
Professor Hopwood said his primary goal as a professor is to wed his remarkable story with his unique perspective from inside of a prison.