Check Out How Cool These New Speakers Are, But Put Them On A Wish List

Have you ever had to fumble around to set the perfect mood whether you wanted to listen to music while you study, got ready for class, or were getting ready to go out on a Friday night?
Well, there’s an expensive set of cool looking speakers out now, that could be a great birthday present or something on your wish list for your dorm or apartment if you really want to crush it.
Bang&Olufsen has released this new wireless speaker system that syndicates perfect sound with a customizable design called BeoSound Shape.

The speakers are made of hexagonal tiles that can be arranged in any size or pattern on your wall to match with whatever dorm room or apartment theme you have.
The streaming features look pretty simple, requiring AirPlay or Bluetooth, which are both easily accessible from your iPhone or Android.

One of the best features of the BeoSound Shape is that it includes multi-room functionality so you can share the $4,000 cost and each of your roommates can listen to whatever they want in their room.
Yes, the speakers seem pricey. But the high quality of the product, and the dope look of the tiles might make the BeoSound Shape worth the price, especially if you are into music or video/film production or own a studio with individual speakers in each control room.