DJ Khaled Is Helping Over 20,000 Students Go To College

DJ Khaled has used to Snapchat for everything from hawking products and landing multimillion-dollar deals, to chronicling the birth of his son Asahd.

One of the more useful ways DJ Khaled put his social media power to use was through a partnership created with Get Schooled and Viacom.
DJ Khaled, Get Schooled and Viacom designed a digital program aimed at helping students figure out how to find the resources they need, to further their education after high school.
Viacom’s in-house agency Velocity helped create the digital assets for the “Major Keys” campaign, which just took home a 2017 Shorty Award in the Social Good category for the campaign.

“Young people know that a postsecondary education is an important step in securing the future they want, but many students enter college unprepared. Through our partnership with DJ Khaled and Viacom, we have been able to expose students to the information and inspiration they need to succeed.” – Marie Groark, Executive Director of Get Schooled

Through gamification and digital badging, DJ Khaled was able to give out over 20,000 “major keys” to students who use the “keys” to gain soft skills in financial literacy, communication strategies, and teamwork through the campaign.
Here are some statistical results from DJ Khaled’s “Major Keys” campaign:
Of those students who have completed the badges, more than 2/3 are from low-income families and 75% are African American, Native American or Latino.

86% of Get Schooled users who have completed one or more Khaled badge say that Get Schooled helped them realize they could actually go to college;

76% say it helped them figure out how to pay for college;

86% said it presented opportunities they didn’t even know were possible

For more information or to access the “keys” visit