Here Are Some Facts About Nas' New Studio Album

So far, 2017 has been a pretty decent year for hip-hop fans.
We have been treated to a series of innovative releases so far. Drake is murdering the charts with the first “playlist” only album More Life.
And Future’s fan base was equally appreciative for his efforts behind the two albums, Future and HNDRXX, which he released in two weeks. Future’s fans repaid him with back to back number one albums – the first time an artist in history has accomplished this feat on the Billboard charts.
Well Nas is about to throw his ring his hat into the ring, after announcing his new album will be coming soon in a new interview with Billboard.
The rapper, who has investments in companies like Spotify, Uber, Bevel, Lyft, Dropbox, and Mass Appeal through his Queensbridge Venture Partners, looks like he’s drawing up a strategy together for his own upcoming 11th studio album.
Hip-Hop lovers around the world are all eager to get their hands on anything that Nas is planning to put out and rest assured new music is definitely coming.
Here’s some info on Nas’ upcoming release.

  • The Queensbridge-bred rapper has yet to decide on a title for his upcoming 11th release. According to Nas, the album’s title will not be unveiled until it is officially released.
  • Nas’ Album is Done. The rapper is putting the finishing touches on the recording at Mass Appeal’s brand new offices.
  • Nas was one of the investors who recently pumped $6 million into the business for their first round of funding. Nas has taken the process in-house in Mass Appeal’s brand new state of the art recording studio.
  • Although Nas may take the conventional route and drop a few singles from his upcoming album, he also admitted that he may “do something different” with the release. That being said, In today’s market, that means Nas and his brilliant team of strategists like Steve Stoute and his manager Anthony Saleh are crafting any number of tactics to ensure the most exposure.

The album could drop unexpectedly, be a streaming only release, or anything else they might come up with an order to market the release in today’s ultra-competitive environment. Nas seems to be leaning towards a nontraditional method to release his music, citing the Chainsmokers as inspiration in a recent interview with Billboard:

“It’s a different world now so you want to put out records fresh from to your head to the world now and get the feedback from the people and make it whole.” – Nas

Let’s hope the rapper doesn’t overlook the opportunity to get some direct feedback from his fans, if he can just preview would just preview some new music during his appearance his tour down under.
It is also possible we might get some new music out of Nas during his tour of the UK, which is slated to kick off this summer.
For now, Nas new song “Angel Dust” from his new Netflix show “The Get Down.”