It’s Good Friday But We Miss GOOD Friday

Good Friday is a holiday celebrated by hundreds of millions of Christians around the world, to observe the day Jesus was crucified.

But for hip-hop aficionados, Good Friday took on a whole new meaning, when Kanye West co-opted the holiday promoting his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.
Yeezus released 15 separate GOOD Friday tracks and the pre-album hype was real with collaborations from Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver, Justin Bieber, Raekwon, Pusha T, Cyhi the Prince, RZA, Kid Cudi, Lloyd Banks, Lupe Fiasco and so many others.

Yeezy decided to run his GOOD Friday campaign from August of 2010 through Christmas of 2010, although he lengthened it by one month, through the beginning of 2011.
In total four of the releases found homes on Yeezy’s album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.
In January 2016, Kim Kardashian declared that GOOD Friday would return in dramatic fashion to promote The Life of Pablo by her husband.

The most recent song releases, although fewer than his previous Good Friday run, are arguably the best Kanye records.