Guy In Baltimore Uses A Yo-Yo To Change His Own Life

Something as little as a yo-yo is having a major influence on one man’s life.

This story out of Baltimore is compelling because not only is it hard to find a young person using a yo-yo to escape everyday realities, but Baltimore ranks up there as one of the most dangerous cities in America.
Everyone should be endeavoring to find a balance in their life between school, work, relationships, family, and leisure activities.
In addition to finding a balance, we should be looking towards accomplishing our goals in each of these categories.
Coffin Nachtmahr proves that sometimes we find the things we choose to do in our spare time can evolve into other aspects of our lives and steer us down roads we never presumed to travel.
Here it’s a yo-yo, but that fire can be anything you are enthusiastic about, as observed by how some plastic and string has improved this young man not only creatively, but professionally as well.
Not to mention all of the great connections and camaraderie gained by being a master at his craft.