Can Hip-Hop Help Cure Depression? Psychologists Are Proving That It Can

“Went through, deep depression when my mama passed Suicide, what kinda talk is that?” – Kanye West “Clique”

Not taking care of your mental health can have dangerous consequences, as was witnessed by Kanye West epic breakdown last year.
A combination of a rigorous work schedule, physical exhaustion, and never properly dealing with the death of his mother Dr. Donda West landed Kanye’s ass right in the UCLA Medical Center for a few weeks.
Other artists like Eminem, Kid Cudi, Macklemore, Mac Miller, Yelawolf, and newcomer Ill Camille have publicly admitted to their battles with depression.
According to the World Health Organization, depression is now the #1 cause of illness and disability worldwide, with more than 300 million people suffering from the disease.
Kanye’s breakdown will even be the subject of a new college course at Washington University by Professor Jeffrey McCune called “The Politics of Kanye West.”
But what if there were a way for the rappers to fuse their love of hip-hop music with expert therapy, to help treat their medical conditions?
That’s the exact goal of the Hip Hop Therapy Global Institute.
According to a lengthy article in the LA Weekly, the Hip Hop Therapy Global Institute was launched by Tomás Alvarez III, who began pioneering the use of hip-hop as therapy as early as 2004.
Since then Alvarez’ ideas have gained traction and similar groups and outreach programs have popped up around the country.
In The Bronx, where Hip-Hop was born, the New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math & Science II runs a Hip-Hop therapy program.
According to the LA Weekly, Dr. Ian Levy is also operating a recording studio and using Hip-Hop to help people who survived a variety of traumatic incidences.
Check out a few songs to help you through any issues.
1. “U” – Kendrick Lamar

2. “Therapy” – Mac Miller

3. “Rose Golden” – Kid Cudi

4. “Love Yourz” – J. Cole

5. “Solace” – Earl Sweatshirt