These Are The Key Ingredients Of A “Mumble Rap” Hit Song

“Mumble Rap” is a relatively new term, invented to describe a new sub-genre within hip-hop music.

Artists like Future, Young Thug, Lil Uzi are prime examples of artists who define the term Mumble Rap. The new style of music has its many detractors, from old-school hip-hop heads to younger artists as well.
Like it or not, Mumble Rap is here to stay.

“It is only after a multitude of listens that one can appreciate the sort of inventive language that these rappers have brought onto the scene” – Terry Mooney , Ohio State University

According to Terry Mooney of Ohio State University, the style has several distinct characteristics that will help it stay around for a while.
Here are three top characteristics of Mumble Rap according to Terry Mooney:

1. Jumbled lyrics

According to Mooney, there’s much more critical thought going into the lyrics of some of these lyrics, which seem to be unintelligible. “These rappers expand their ability to both rhyme and utilize intellectually fueled figures of speech, which have become such a pillar of rap music.”

2. Heightened lyrical awareness

Mooney argues that because Mumble Rap is so difficult to understand, users must run to lyric sites to understand the meaning of their favorite songs, which in turn has helped digital and streaming sales.

3. More Emotional

Another unintended consequence of Mumble Rap is the emotions the music is able to wring out of its listeners. Mooney argues that because lyrics are not so important in Mumble Rap, the emotional aspect of the music is much more highlighted, allowing artists to explore different sides that were used to reserved only for “Emo Rap.”