Don't Feel Bad For Being a Lazy Bum, It's Hereditary

Sometimes kicking back and relaxing can be fun.

Throughout your week balancing working out and laying around can be the difference between positive productivity and pathetic procrastination.
Studies have shown that the “couch potato” gene is absolutely hereditary.
This means that your family history can affect the way that physical activity stimulates you.
For people who are genetically more inclined to fall in love with working out, they are rewarded with massive dopamine boosts, through activity however those who are prone to lounging may be rewarded for doing just the opposite.
We do know that a sedentary lifestyle is a quick road to many health problems especially when combined with drugs, alcohol, or bad food choices.
It is said that “knowing is half the battle” and now that you have identified how your brain reacts to exercise what’s the next step?
Your mind can be trained to battle back genetically preconceived patterns, it just may be tougher for those individuals not blessed with the “exercise enthusiast” gene.
If you find yourself feeling extra lazy it may be time to start reconditioning yourself to appreciate moving around a bit more.