Major Nine Is Scoring Hits With Rick Ross and Tackling The Competition For The Miami Hurricanes

A college student in Miami is pursuing his dreams both on the football field and off, as a hip-hop super producer.

You’re probably familiar with producer Major Nine, thanks to his work with rap superstar Rick Ross.
Major Nine, born Chad Thomas produced the track “Apple of My Eye” on Rick Ross’s latest album, Rather You Than Me.
Major Nine is also focused on another career – as a standout football player for the Miami Hurricanes.
According to a Q&A with The Washington Post, Major Nine met Rick Ross after the rapper set up a meeting with the top players at Booker T. Washington High School in Liberty City.
While some may look at Major Nine’s career choices as odd, chances are he’s going to find success in both.
His hometown of Liberty City has produced football NFL stars like DeVonta Freeman and Duke Johnson, and the area has also created rap superstars like Luke Campbell, Pitbull, Trina, Trick Daddy and Rick Ross himself.

“We’ve had so many idols down here — JT Money, Luke, we’ve got Plies and all that to represent Florida,” Major Nine said. “If these people can do it, we know we can do it, because there’s so much talent in Miami when it comes to rapping and football.”
Major Nine, who is still a senior at the University of Miami, revealed he was born to do hip-hop – his first words were “Here I Go” as a child, parroting Mystikal’s hit song.
“I wasn’t going to go at first, but my position coach [Pierre Senatus] just kept calling my phone like, ‘Where you at?’ I’m like, ‘I’m home.’ He said, ‘I’m coming to get you. We’re going to meet Rick Ross.’ I just hopped up, threw on some clothes and went to Dave & Busters,” Major Nine explained.
Thanks to DJ Sam Sneak, Major Nine’s production ended up in the hands of Rick Ross, ultimately resulting in the track “Apple of My Eye” on Rather You Than Me.
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