Medicinal Weed Is Now Legal On Arizona College Campuses, Thanks To This Student

Under previous state Arizona laws, any student caught using medical marijuana on campus in the state of Arizona could have been charged with a crime – even though cannabis is now legal for both recreational and medicinal purposes.
Arizona State University has finally approved medical marijuana on campus, thanks to a case involving senior, Andre Maestas.
Andre was busted with marijuana in his dorm which he was prescribed because of back pain, and charged with a felony.
The university dropped the charge down to a misdemeanor, but Andre chose to appeal even that sentence.

“Nobody wants to be the person who has to go to court, but I feel that my situation and my case was so that it was an opportunity for this to happen,” Andre Maestas

Last week, the Court of Appeals ruled that the 2012 bill which prohibited medical marijuana on college campuses violated the Arizona’s Constitution’s protection for voter-approved laws and dropped the charges against Maestas.
It seems like the only way to get every college to reverse this ban also is to take them to court, but there must be an easier way.