This Is How Rapper YDS Used Loyola's Studio To Jumpstart His Career

Loyola University in New Orleans revived a rapper’s passion for music, and he paired with another student to release a music collaboration project as a duo.

Dominic “Young Death Stroke” Bioc is a music industry junior who initially came to Loyola to become an audio engineer.
But his career decision soon evolved after he was surrounded by rappers and recognized his own ability to spit bars.
Being able to study in Loyola’s professional recording studio helped Dominic’s learning curve – and his pockets – as he started to record his debut album Death of YDS.
YDS has also teamed with fellow rapper Robbie Heindel to form a new duo called BesForever.

“Being at Loyola definitely was the spark to all of it, like the spark to just make me want to use this home studio until I felt comfortable enough to use Loyola’s.” – Rapper/student Loyola University student, YDS

College plays a huge part in realizing what you want to do for the rest of your life.
They say the most common incoming freshman major is undecided because usually, people have to take a couple of different classes to figure out what they want to do.
You are also with other people from around the world, and country, who all have different backgrounds and ideas to contribute to your overall knowledge.
I initially went to college to be a news reporter.
I obtained an internship at a local news station where I shadowed the reporters. I concluded that was not what I wanted.
The only things I really cared about doing was listening to music and writing.
After talking to a few other journalism majors who were from up north, I discerned I could be a music journalist.
Some people insist you don’t need college to be what you want to be.
But college allows you to get there with the advantage of being able to test the waters and finding out what really ignites your passion.
Check out YDS doing his thing below: