Turns Out Being Selfish is Not Such a Bad Thing

Yes, it’s true being selfish can actually contribute to the well-being of the people around you.

It is not a good quality to be selfish all the time, but this video illustrates how one can be selfish to the benefit of the people around you.
It’s good to improve yourself personally so people who depend on you can be taken excellent care of in the long run.
For example going to college is a great way to raise yourself professionally which will pay off in many ways personally, in the form of quality employment, more money, and job stability.
Being narrow-minded in the right way can allow you to continue your education and propel your career.
This is the type of behavior that helps your future family or benefits the greater good of the world.
So go out there and focus on being self-centered to make the best version of you, because that’s how to maximize your talent to help everyone you love.