Strippers Are People Too, Says Proud Student Who Earns Money Dancing Naked

A group of students are out to change the perception of stripping and instead, are espousing the benefits of the profession.

The sex industry as it relates to college is taking a pretty big black eye, thanks to the “prostitution” scandal at Coastal Carolina University University
A group of cheerleaders were getting paid through an organized ring using the website, which reported on last year.
If the cheerleaders had wanted to make some money in the sex business, they could have done so on the legal side, by simply choosing to strip.
During a Sex Week panel at Northwestern University last week, current student and stripper Electra Rayne totally shut down the stereotypes strippers portrayed on television and rap music.
“Strippers are people and stripping is a job just like any other; it has its up and its downs,” Electra Rayne told students. “It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and the best decision that I’ve ever made.”
Electra Rayne, who is also the co-chair of sex week, explained the serious entanglements of bigotry within the professional stripping industry.
The strip club business in the United States generates over $3 billion each year, and worldwide that figure ballons to $75 billion.
There are over 400,000 sex workers in the United States, and during the Sex Week discussion, the panelists noted that the stripping industry was plagued by racism, just like many other industries in the United States.
For instance, because of white privilege, dancer/panelist Jacqueline “Jacq the Stripper” Frances said most of the time she earns more than her black counterparts.
Electra Rayne and Jacq the Stripper vowed to press on in their fight to change the stereotypes about strippers.