Student Does His Class Assignment So Well That It Pissed Off Thousands Of Eminem Fans

A student at Cornell University did an assignment for his professor, and in the process left tens of thousands of Eminem fans pissed off.

Oliver Kaczor is a studying Sports Management at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Oliver was taking a class at Rutgers for writing when his professor gave the class the task of writing a proposal to solve long-term problems.
Oliver decided to write about suicide prevention since these was an issue which has impacted him in the past.
According to The Cornell Sun, part of the assignment was to create a social media component for a fictional organization associated with the topic.

So, Oliver created his phony group, “Cornell Cares” and posted a fictional event featuring Eminem – who has dealt with similar issues in real life – at the Alice Statler Auditorium on Cornell’s Ithaca campus.
The page sat idle for a few week and off a sudden, Oliver’s Hip-Hop horror began.
In 24 hours, over 20,000 people – including 1000 students – we’re trying to learn more information about the event, which was supposed to take place in May.
It didn’t take long for most people to realize the page was fake since none of the links to the tickets work and this prompted a backlash from Cornell students that he was not prepared for.

“I’m just doing this for my school project. It kind of sucked, I’ve never dealt with trolls and Facebook haters,” – Oliver Kaczor to The Cornell Sun

Oliver’s plan to use the page as an appendix in his report for his writing class could go to hell since he might have to delete the page.
“This is kind of blowing up, so I might have to delete it because this is getting out of hand,” Oliver said. Next thing you know, I’m going to have Eminem’s agent call me tomorrow and say, ‘What the hell is this?’”