This Unbreakable Pencil Will Keep Your Writing Crisp

If you are a prolific writer and enjoy the feel of a proper lead pencil in your hand as your brain conceives the world’s greatest thoughts, this tool might be perfect for you.
Have you ever been in the midst of writing an eloquent idea, or the ultimate punchline down and just as you put pencil to paper, the tip freakin’ snapped and you lost your train of thought?
Zebra DelGaurd has created the first unbreakable lead pencil.
The spring-loaded interior gives this writing utensil a shock absorber, making it a great tool for all the hard writers out there, who love to press the paper with vigor.
There is a lot of creative ingenuity that has gone into making this one of the best lead pencils on the market today.
For under $10 this is a must-have for all of your handwritten writing needs!