This New Watermelon OG Will Tickle Your Taste “Buds”

The company behind the “Nameless” OG strand of marijuana wants to tickle your taste buds with their new strain of Watermelon OG.
Nameless has won over 50 awards for developing strains like Mega Kush, Mega Wellness OG , and their signature strain “Wellness OG.”
The latest concoction from the collective is a spin on the Watermelon strain and “it’s fucking ridiculous,” said Dr. Greenthumb a.k.a. Rapper B-Real of hit Hip-Hop group Cypress Hill.
Watermelon is a known strain, but Nameless decided to cross theirs with their Mega Wellness OG strand and the 24K Nectarine by DNA.
“When you open up the jar the bitch screams at you like you been at the club all night and didn’t come home,” said Dr. Greenthumb.
The strain, which is 26% cannabis, has earned Nameless another coveted award – five green thumbs.