Will Uber’s Flying Car Be Old News By 2020?

“In the city of stars, where there’s flying cars
A brand new home for everyone and even life on Mars” – Logic – “City of Stars”

Uber is grabbing all of the headlines, thanks to the announcement of their plans to introduce a flying car into the market by 2020.
While the news is certainly intriguing, unfortunately by 2020, Uber could be really late to the game.
In April of 2017 Lilium unveiled the world’s first electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTLJ) jet.
With a top speed of around 180 miles-per-hour, the VTLJ takes off like a helicopter yet accelerates like a luxury jet.

“We believe in an experience where anyone can fly anywhere, at any time” -Lilium

This may usher in a new era of travel that may rival predictions cartoons such as the Jetsons made in the past.
Are flying cars finally going to be the future of commuting to school and work?
It is no wonder the Lilium team is incredibly excited to work on the future of commuter aviation.
Imagine flying around that traffic jam on the way to class and parking right on the green in the center of campus!